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Highlander’s evenings – funtime in a regional style

For every evening organised in regional tavern, we propose a real highlander band playing and many attractions from the Podhale (Tatra) region. We will organise for your group an event celled => Highlander’s Games and we will arrange a casting for a real Highlander.

After highlander attractions are finished, we invite to a party run by DJ.

The highlander band is playing, and our host Highlander chef accompanied with a dancing couple greets everyone warmly and presents the program briefly. The first competition is highlander dance – our dancers present so-called a solo, which is dance of girl dancing with a boy. Later – after a short instruction – selected pairs of guests also show their capabilities. After this competition, everyone knows that our event is a great fun and it’s worth to participate!



During 2 hours, we invite participants to participate in competitions straight from Podhale, including

–  sawing logs with a hand saw

– drinking spirits synchronously, with 5 glasses standing on a wooden ski

nailing with the sharp side of the highlander axe

– putting beads on time

– strength test – means highlander strongman

– whistle – how to whistle in mouth full of dough

– highlander breathalyzer and other …

During the play, Harnaś is giving small regional gifts to the participants – corals, highlander wooden axe’s, key rings, etc …

Casting for a highlander: in front of the room we will create a mini-studio of video recordings, where each candidate for a highlander (dressed in highlanders’ attire) will be able to tell – why – he / she should win. All the speeches will be played during a special show  and the strength of the participants’ applause will be decisive, measured by a decibel.

Winners will be awarded – For him – a beautiful carved highlander axe and for her – a highlander scarf!

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