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Przystanek Gorce – Mountain Chalet for rent


We invite everyone looking for a beautiful place, a little more peace and quiet and at the same time a lot of space to our chalet for rent – called “Przystanek Gorce”. The cottage is located in the Nowy Targ at Buflak 12 estate in and can accommodate from 1 up to 8 people.
The cottage has two bedrooms upstairs. In the first one, there are two single beds that can be joined into one double bed (clamped mattresses and clamped beds), and an additional fold-out sofa. In the second, as in the first bedroom, there are also two beds joined in the same way, plus a fold-out armchair for one person. Additionally, the second bedroom has a huge triangular panoramic window overlooking the Gorce Mountains. There is also a toilet with a wash basin on the first floor. On the ground floor there is a large living room with a kitchenette and a bathroom with a shower. There is a double sofa bed in the living room. The living room is connected with a large wooden terrace perfect for relaxing and admiring the surrounding nature (sometimes it happens that the house is approached by deer or doe). On the terrace you can make a barbecue and enjoy relaxing.
There is also a trampoline on the plot (to be used by children under adult supervision), a basketball basket and for those willing, we can set up a ping pong table.

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The location of the facility is conducive to getting to know the Gorce Mountains – which are characterized by the fact that they are never crowded with crowds of tourists, so you can really relax with us. Nowy Targ is also the capital of Podhale – being in the center you can easily visit most of the region’s attractions during a week or longer stay, and there is really a lot of it.

Proposals of tourist attractions in the immediate vicinity (subjective choice, not closing the entire list):

  • ŁAPSOWA POLANA – approx. 30-40 minutes on foot from Przystanek Gorce. An interesting walk during which, in nice weather, you can admire amazing views of the entire panorama of the Tatra Mountains and Nowy Targ.
  • TURBACZ – on foot from Przystanek Gorce, approx. 2h30 min – 2h45m – straight road towards Łapsowa Polana, first following the blue trail and then the black one. We can borrow you  – Gorce maps or we also have them for sale (laminated – aprox. cost PLN 18 / item). Additionally, we have maps of the Polish and Slovak Tatras, the Pieniny Mountains and the Slovak Paradise available. And – guides – of trails in the Tatras.
  • Walking tour – Przystanek Gorce – Łapsowa Polana – Bukowina Obidowska – Obidowa – Stare Wierchy – one way time approx. 2 hours
  • TRIPS => observation towers in Gorce
    the closest tower – along the trail from Kluszkowce: either the blue one starting near Mount Wdżar or the yellow one from Kluszkowce itself.
    MAGURKI trail from Ochotnica

    the shortest route from Tylmanowa, but you can also get there from Szczawnica.
    GORC few trails from Ochotnica, from Rzeki side.
    One of the most popular tourist attractions in Poland is the Dunajec River Rafting Tour which cannot be overlooked in our region. Start of the rafting trip in Sromowce Niżne (the car can be left in the parking lot, then after the rafting you can use the return transfer). The duration of the trip itself is about 2 hours. In addition to standard rafts – rafting is also available in the following version: pontoons or kayaks (then the beginning is a bit lower – right after the Sromowce sign, the first right turn)
    The most important walking tours:
    TRZY KORONY –The yellow trail starts in Sromowce Niżne
    the trail starts in Krościenko or in Szczawnica (then there is also a raft crossing over the Dunajec River).
  • SZCZAWNICA – a health resort and a tourist town, it is worth spending some time there, taking a walk, in particular, in the spa part and drinking mineral water in the Spa Park
    Being in SZCZAWNICA – it is worth going to JAWORKI from where the trail to WYSOKA (Wysokie Skałki) leads, measuring 1050 m above sea level. It is the highest peak of the Pieniny Mountains, located outside the Pieniny National Park. When going downhill, you can, at some point, use the Homole Arena chairlift and go down with it.
    A great place for recreation – here you can sail on the lake on the Biała Dama Boat, you can visit two castles – NIEDZICA and CZORSZTYN and see the dam (because the lake itself was created as an artificial reservoir by damming the waters of the Dunajec River). For people who like to spend time actively, we recommend going to Harklowa to the intersection towards Knurów, there is a START VELO stop there – you can rent bikes (including electric bikes) and ride the entire route around the lake by bike.
    Church in Dębno Podhalańskie – the most important religious monument in Podhale, inscribed on the UNESCO list, a wooden church from the second half of the 15th century
  • NOWY TARGa city with over 650 years of history. Worth a visit come for a while. It is worth taking a walk around the market and trying traditional ice cream, which is included in the list of traditional products. Additionally, on Thursdays and Saturdays, a traditional fair is held at Targowa Street. The city is also the seat of the Podhale Aero Club – for the adventurous, it offers tandem parachute jumps, balloon flights, airplanes and gliders – you can check at: www.lotywidokowe24.pl
    Bór na Czerwonem Reserve –
    it is located close to the airport in Nowy Targ. It is a peat bog reserve. On site, you can walk along the educational path – about 700 meters on wooden platforms – at the end of which there is a viewing platform.
  • Another national park, apart from Gorczański and Pieniński, is the Babia Góra National Park. It is worth planning a day trip to Babia Góra – the beginning of the closest trail is from the Krowiarki Pass, the red trail leads from there – walking time approx. 2h24m.
  • By the way, being in the vicinity of Babia Góra – it is worth visiting ZUBRZYCA GÓRNA – there is a MUSEUM – ORAWA ETHNOGRAPHIC PARK. It is a regional open-air museum opened in 1955 in Zubrzyca Górna. Presenting the architecture as well as material, social and spiritual culture of the Upper Orava region.
    Zakopane, in other words, the winter capital of Poland, but also the capital of the highest mountains in Poland. Travel time from Przystanek Gorce – approx. 30-45 minutes depending on traffic on the road. While in Zakopane, it is worth visiting:
    The Tatra Museum with its several branches – including the most important Main Building, Willa Koliba or Willa Oksza … www.muzeumtatrzanskie.pl
    Funicular railway to Gubałówka (we can book tickets for our guests)
    Cable car to Kasprowy Wierch (we can book tickets for our guests)
    the most famous promenade in Poland
    Ski Jumping Hill – where the Ski Jumping World Cup is held every January.
    Chapel in Jaszczurówka, Chapel of the Sacred Heart of Jesus – a branch church of the Roman Catholic parish in Toporowa Cyrhla. The construction of the temple, designed by Stanisław Witkiewicz, began in 1904, and was consecrated in 1907. The Pallottine priests of Cyrhla take care of this place of worship
    Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima in Zakopane Krzeptówki – a Roman Catholic Marian shrine in Poland, built as a votive offering for saving the life of Pope John Paul II after the attack on May 13, 1981. It is located at ul. Krzeptówki.
    While in Zakopane, it is worth going to Chochołów – it is dominated by buildings in a classic highlander style. The huts are original, and the oldest ones were built at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries. For this reason, Chochołów has been recognized as a class zero monument and entered on the UNESCO list.
    – on the way to Chochołów – e.g. on the Biały Potok Clearing and further, there are several shepherds’ huts where you can buy oscypek (smoked cheese). However, as we are located in Nowy Targ, we recommend the shepherd’s hut – which is located near the airport between the Jana Pawła roundabout and Waksmund Village on the right. According to us the best oscypek. Shepherd taking care of this place once won an award in Zakopane at the regional products fair.
    Tourist trails in the Tatras:
    – the most important valleys: Chochołowska, Kościeliska, Strążyska, Dolina Białego, Olczyska, and one of the most popular routes to Morskie Oko (we warn you that before going to Morskie Oko, you must purchase a parking ticket in advance at www.tpn.pl, there is no possibility payment for parking on site !.). We are happy to provide you with additional information on hiking in the Tatra Mountains.
    We are located practically at the border with Slovakia – so we also encourage you to visit Slovakia. It is important to take your ID with you. The most interesting places worth visiting in Slovakia are:
    – The trail in the Crowns of Trees – in the Bachledowa Valley
    – Strbske Pleso
    – Biała Woda Valley – a beautiful valley partially parallel to the route to Morskie Oko, only on the Slovak side. Very little frequented.
    – Tatrzańska Łomnica with the cable car to Łomnica Peak – tickets must be purchased in advance via the Internet.
    – The town of Tatranska Lomnica, Stary Smokoviec, Poprad
    – Trail to Cold Water Falls.
    – Bielska Cave – a beautiful cave and a very similar to it Demänovská Cave and Ice Cave (where the paths are partially carved in ice). Details about the caves are available at www.ssj.sk
  • SLOVENSKY RAJ (SLOVAK PARADISE) – Amazing rocks, rushing mountain stream, picturesque gorges and all this is very close, because only several dozen kilometers from the Polish border. Slovak Paradise is a national park with many hiking trails, covering more than 194 square kilometers. The most popular with travelers is the northern part of the park. It includes, among others:
    The gorge of the Hornád, Suchá Belá or the Kláštorisko glade. More ambitious tourists choose the route through Piecky or Veľký Sokol. In the south, we can also visit the Dobsinska Ice Cave, climb the Veľká Knola peak or relax at the artificial lake Palcmanská Maša.
  • LITTLE FATRA with JANOSIKOWE DIERY – this is one of the most interesting Slovak mountain ranges. It is divided into two parts: Mala Fatra Luczańska and Mala Fatra Krivanska, which are separated by the Vah gorge. Mala Fatra National Park was established on April 1, 1988, while Janosikowe Diery is located in Mala Fatra Krivanska. Janosikowe Diery is a system of ravines located in northern Slovakia. This place is diversified by a mountain stream flowing through the gorge and by numerous footbridges, ladders and chains. The hiking trail in this place is amazing and definitely worth a visit. We recommend arriving in the morning, because the routes are long, of course, these are just a few suggestions – we will be happy to provide additional information, advice or suggestions on site – we are available.

    Please send us an email – we try to reply asap: mjach@wp.pl or by phone +48608817744